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The Process for Connecting with WisdomGuides:

WisdomGuides.org  is an independent not-for-profit group, dedicated to helping men realize their gifts and talents, so they can

serve the world and lead a life that matters. We are completely self-funded and provide our services on a pro bono basis.

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1 Fill out the Personal Information Form and submit it to us.

2.  We will respond as soon as possible via E-mail.

3.  If you fit our criteria, we will usually arrange for a phone, or electronic (Facetime, or Skype) interview with you.

4.  If we make a mutual determination to move forward following the initial interview, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting.

5.  The next step would be to determine how and when to get you engaged in a WisdomGuides Cadre Adventure, or Pinkster Wisdom Team.