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Naturalist John Muir, shown here with friend and kindred spirit Charles F. Lummis, was a frequent visitor to Southern California, especially during the latter years of his life. Muir was an inveterate nature lover and wanderer, who made his first visit to the pueblo of Los Angeles in 1877. From there he rambled through the winding arroyo northeast of town and made his way to the fledgling settlement of Pasadena. What would Muir have seen in the Arroyo Seco in those early days? Who might he have encountered along the way? What sort of dangers did a man traveling alone have to be concerned with? The John Muir High School ladies alumni group will find out on May 18th, by special invitation to a historic home situated in the Arroyo just along the trail that Muir traveled well over a century ago. 

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John Muir, an ardent pacifist, once shot a man. The shooting occurred in 1868 while Muir and his traveling companion--a man named Chilwell--were on their way to Yosemite from San Francisco. Yes, it was an accident and Chilwell survived.

Muiriana Trivia:

John Muir's Ramble Through the Arroyo  Seco in 1877

A special presentation by

Ed Andersen

John Muir was a regular guest at El Alisal, located in the Arroyo Seco about four miles from Los Angeles. Now on the National Register of Historical Places, the stone structure was "built to last a thousand years" by Charles Lummis himself in 1897.