"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


"Work Life Balance - A Perspective"

 Over the past few meetings, the Pinksters have been discussing Carl Honore's In Praise of Slowness, Challenging the Cult of Speed​. In the book, the reader is confronted by the fact that we are clearly moving way too fast. While technological advancements have benefited us tremendously, our machines impel us to move faster and faster. Stress created by our busy schedules causes us to miss out on many of the joys of living. We are running at breakneck pace and it is literally killing us. 

  "We have lost the art of doing nothing . . . of slowing down and simply being alone with our thoughts.", says Honore. Time spent in solitude and silence is essential for human development, for learning about ourselves, for finding out who God is and for choosing a meaningful path for our lives. Consider the many people who report favorably on the therapeutic power of prayer and meditation as an essential part of their daily routines.

  At a recent meeting, one of the guys observed that we tend to think of work-life balance as being at a fixed point, where we carefully arrange our calendars to carve out time for fun and recreation. But, perhaps the balance point is not fixed at all!

    Life has a deep, abiding rhythm, and it is always dynamic.  Thus,

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Meet the Pinksters

What's in a name?

  It hardly sounds like an appropriate moniker for the rugged, masculine type of guy who belongs to our small group. At the outset, we adopted the color pink for no reason other than it's Doug's favorite apparel color. Not that he ever wore a pink suit to work, but Doug's closet does reflect a distinct inclination toward a color usually reserved for women. 

  Initially, we called ourselves the "Pink Panthers", but over time we simply shortened the name to "Pinksters." John, who does not share Doug's passion for pink, proposed a name change to something more befitting our membership. In our quest for a new label, we learned to our surprise that the word "Pinkster" can actually be found in Webster's Dictionary. It refers to an old Dutch celebration of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus' disciples after his crucifixion and death. 

  Pentecost is a joyous time, celebrating new life in the Spirit. The Pinkster name uniquely represents where this group of eight finds itself on our pilgrimage  together.

  One more good reason to consider promoting the color pink: Pink is the universal color denoting awareness of the fight against breast cancer. Several of our members have spouses, relatives and friends who have suffered from this insidious disease. Join in the fight; wear pink.

Pinkster Wisdom

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we need to remain flexible, ever challenging our personal paradigms. The thing we call "work-life balance" is attained, not by speeding up, but by slowing down. We get there by centering ourselves, and by seeking coherence between us and the world 'out there'.

  Coherence demands that who we are and what we do makes sense in the big scheme of things; that we settle into our proper niche in the "great web of life." We need to learn to live in the present, not expending our energies in reliving the past, or in trying to control the future. While this is much easier said than done, it is doable. Centering ourselves starts by prioritizing those things that are truly important and oftentimes this means placing the needs of other people ahead of our own self-interest.

 There comes a time when we must muzzle the world's deafening cacophony; a time to turn off all the gadgets, shut down the noise . . and simply BE! If you are interested in redeeming the time and are looking for the formula for slowing down, try reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Begin a fresh daily regimen that includes a minimum of twenty minutes in pure, lonely silence. This practice will prove to be a liberating change of pace.   

   The Pinksters is an eclectic group of eight men, ranging in age from mid-fifties to early seventies. Here is a brief look at our members: Paul had a calling to academia, where he rose to become a Dean for the Performing Arts; John spent much of his career as a president in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors; Doug was a CEO for more than three decades, most recently with one of the country's premier non-profits; Larry is an innovator and practitioner in the field of energy psychology and healing; Howard was formerly the Dean of Theology at a leading seminary; Keith is an attorney. Then, of course, there is Tom and Ed, whose profiles can be found on this website. Go to the "Who we are" tab.

  The Pinksters began meeting regularly in 2009 to support and encourage one another as we experience the profound implications of the transition from middle age into our wisdom years. At a time when our older mentors have passed on, we have become indispensable to one another as fellow wayfarers on the trail of life. Our aim is to remain relevant in a world that is hungry for meaning and looking for a compass point that is worth following. We can make a difference.

This page is dedicated to wisdom giving. It derives from men who are deeply engaged with the second half of life. Each of these men is a true veteran of the trail, having made the arduous trip into the depths of his soul and to the boundaries of his being. These men have much to share with the world. See for yourself. Read on. . .

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