is an independent

not-for-profit group

(Read each of the following statements and respond Yes, No, or Not Sure)

  A.  I am genuinely trying to understand the meaning of my life.


  B.  I am convinced that there is an ultimate reality beyond the physical world.

  C.  I have looked at the Website, read the material, and I am open to making a change in my life.

  D.  I am able and willing to commit the time and energy to make WisdomGuides my primary personal development initiative for twelve months.

  E.  I can see the benefits of being open and transparent with other men.

If you answered "YES" to each of the five questions, you're a potential candidate. Complete the Personal Information Form and E-mail us at: eandersen@wisdomguides.org 

Personal Information Form

Cadre Teams are small groups of five participants and two WisdomGuides leaders. Teams meet eight times over the course of a year. See: What we do.

Men who are:

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WisdomGuides.org  is an independent not-for-profit group, dedicated to helping men realize their gifts and talents, so they can

serve the world and lead a life that matters. We are completely self-funded and provide our services on a pro bono basis.



Through its Cadre Teams, WisdomGuides is committed to providing a rich, diverse experience. We hope to engage men of color in our pilgrimage together, broadening our perspectives and strengthening our collective efforts to make men better.

Thanks for spending time at this site! If you don't see how you fit with a WisdomGuides Adventure, please contact us. We will try to get back to you promptly.

         The Test

Cadre Teams

  1. Having persistent questions about the purpose for their lives
  2. Prepared to make a life-shift of major consequence
  3. Comfortable with 'faith' language
  4. Able to restructure their time to allow for reading, journaling, and meetings
  5. Honest, unafraid to be transparent and vulnerable with other men
  6. Emotionally mature
  7. Willing to 'pay it forward'