WisdomGuides.org  is an independent not-for-profit group, dedicated to helping men realize their gifts and talents, so they can

serve the world and lead a life that matters. We are completely self-funded and provide our services on a pro bono basis.

WisdomGuides Cadre Adventures are a blend of one-on-one meetings and team workshops. Participants pledge to spend time in solitude, dedicated to study, reflection, and writing a journal. Aside from nominal costs for books & materials, WisdomGuides charges no fees to participants. Travel and other expenses are paid individually.

"In every walk with Nature a man  

 receives far more th​an he seeks."


 John Muir

  • Facilitated by WisdomGuides & Pinksters*

  • One-year commitment

  • Meet at least once per quarter

  • 'Wisdomwork' during and in between sessions

  • Assessment, preparation, and orientation to become a certified WisdomGuide
  • Group facilitated by WisdomGuides leaders


  • Commitment to attend each session

  • Short series, or one-time events

  • Meeting pre-work


  • 'Wisdomwork' during sessions

  • ​Begin to write 'Your Story'

  pinkster WISDOM teams

for trail veterans

 group encounters for

men & women OF ALL AGES

    adventures for men seeking a deeper life purpose

   ​three trailheads:

What WisdomGuides does 

* The Pinksters is a small group of trail     veterans. To learn more about them:

To encourage men over 40 to form their own Pinkster Wisdom Teams, which then become hubs for new small groups.

To educate and encourage men in

their thirties and forties to seek their

life purpose.







"As assuredly as there is a physical wilderness, there is also a wilderness within each one of us. It is this inner wilderness, so intimately connected with the one outside, which is most elusive."

From: Lessons of the Wild, Learning from the Wisdom of Nature

  • Five participants & two WisdomGuides leaders

  • One-year commitment

  • Eight scheduled meetings

  • Three outdoor events

  • ​Daily reading and reflection

  • Write a 'travel journal'


  • Craft 'Your Story'


FOR MEN 35 TO 50

WisdomGuides Cadre Adventures for men (typically 35 - 50 years of age) are one-year in duration. Group Encounters are one-time, or short series events in a workshop meeting format. Pinkster Wisdom Teams are for men over fifty years of age, who are interested in forming and sustaining their own peer groups.

To provide an environment for men

and women of all ages to learn what

it means to live a life of significance.


is an independent

not-for-profit group