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Spencer Shenk Capers & Associates regularly offers workshops to assist leaders in developing their teams. While open to the public, enrollment is limited. For details visit, or click on the link below. You can see the LPMA video overview, and meet Tom Shenk.

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Spencer Shenk Capers & Associates, Inc. is a behavioral science consulting firm whose core business is to increase personal and organizational productivity by developing leadership excellence.

"On the summit of Half-Dome, a  man  gets close to God, perhaps even closer

 to himself."

  E. A.

  Tom is a partner in the firm of Spencer Shenk Capers & Associates, headquartered in Southern California. Tom is an accomplished facilitator and workshop leader, as well as an executive coach with more than thirty-five years of experience in corporate settings. He is especially skilled in assisting individuals and companies through major cultural changes. 

  Before joining Spencer Shenk Capers in 1979, Tom spent nine years as a banker at Wells Fargo Bank and European American Bank. He has been an adjunct Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he taught motivation theory and practice.

​  Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University. His second Masters degree was earned at the University of Southern California in Organizational Behavior.

  Raised in Pasadena, California, he is the devoted husband of forty-four years to his wife Kit, and father of two sons and four grandchildren. When not working, he offers his gifts to his church and community. At the Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel, Tom has been the top lay leader, and facilitated seminars on subjects related to communication, parenting and personal motivation. 

  He is passionate about skiing, golf, tennis, and lest his profile be incomplete, there is nothing he would prefer to do than wet a fly line on a mountain stream.

Executive Coach . Facilitator . 


"The wise man knows it's not very important to be "right," but it's never wrong to ask these important questions: Who am I? Who is God? Why am I here? What should I be doing with the rest of my life?           E. A.

"I have yet to meet a man over fifty who who was truly happy, who was not on a spiritual journey."      T. S.

  Ed was formerly Senior Vice President Global Sales for Lee Hecht Harrison, a world leader in the career services industry. Prior to that, he was employed for 24 years with The Procter & Gamble Company. Some years ago, Ed left LHH to write, coach softball and form the Executive Career Group for senior managers and entrepreneurs.  In addition to  his  responsibilities with WisdomGuides,  he coaches women's softball at Citrus College, where he  teaches  the popular "Winning at Life" leadership course.

  A native Californian, Ed was introduced to the outdoors early in his life. He is a veteran hiker, backpacker and fly fisherman. His second book, Lessons of the Wild, Learning from the Wisdom of Nature, was published in 2009. The book is used as a key resource for WisdomGuides Adventures. With Tom Shenk in 2018, Ed co-authored The Truth About Forgiveness, What Your Therapist Isn't Going to Tell You.

  Ed has served on the boards of the Pasadena Urban League, the YMCA of Pasadena and the historic Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel, California. He is presently Director for Community Relations, Arcadia Historical Society. He is a John Muir scholar and is a frequent speaker on the founding of the West and our National Parks.

  Ed is a graduate in Economics from Santa Clara University and has served in the United States Army as a commissioned officer. He has done postgraduate study in Christian Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.


  He has been married to his wife Debbie for forty-three years. They have two daughters and two grandchildren.

Coach . Writer . Outdoorsman

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