our mission:

 A good reason for being!

"The place God calls you to is the place

   where your deep gladness and the 

 world's deep hunger meet."

​Frederick Buechner 

  our core values:

   Words to live by!

Why WisdomGuides?




is an independent

not-for-profit group


We lead a man to the place where he confronts himself,

meets God and discovers 

the purpose for his life . . .


  • Masculinity matters.
  • We are servants first. 
  • Love is the greatest power.
  • We have fun and bring joy to life.
  • We pass wisdom on to those who follow.

WisdomGuides.org  is an independent not-for-profit group, dedicated to helping men realize their gifts and talents, so they can

serve the world and lead a life that matters. We are completely self-funded and provide our services on a pro bono basis.

  WisdomGuides© is an outreach for men that grew naturally from our experience, and is grounded in the fundamental idea that men benefit greatly from taking the introspective journey. We live in a time of increasing complexity and cultural dynamism, compounding the degree of difficulty for anyone attempting to lead a life that matters. WisdomGuides© was developed for men, who must wrestle with a myriad of challenges, especially as they face the onset of their middle years.
  Is it possible for men to get better at just being men? Can they enhance their relationships with women? Can they improve in their callings as husbands, fathers, mentors and as stewards and servants? WisdomGuides© thinks so and we are actively engaging what it really means to be a "man" in our post-modern world.

   There is evidence that masculinity is faltering, thus we ask men to reflect on these disquieting questions. Why is it that half of all marriages fail? Why do millions of men flounder in fractured relationships, devoid of joy and intimacy? How can so many careers stall in mid-flight and go into tailspins? Why do innumerable life-visions fall woefully short, ending up in the land of broken dreams? What leads so many men into degrading and personally damaging pursuits? What is happening to our men?
   We at WisdomGuides© are aware of a fundamental shift occurring in the way men are perceived in Western society. This pervasive cultural change has permeated the male psyche, affecting the masculine approach to life. In a significant departure from the past, men seldom now attain the status of elder. Male initiation rites, practiced assiduously since the dawn of civilization, are becoming passé. Without the services of a competent trail guide, men have no choice but to walk solo down the path to manhood. This phenomenon gives rise to the development of a 'pseudo-male'—someone who on the exterior looks like a man, but who is without the essential foundation to develop into the fullness of his God-given masculinity. This assertion can be tested simply by asking a cross section of men (or women) to describe what masculinity means to them. The array of confused, disjointed responses may surprise you! This supports our fundamental contention that if men are to truly know themselves, they must go the way of the deep inner self.

   Men face some real stumbling blocks. Fewer and fewer of us have heroes who epitomize courage, character and stability. A man can easily fall prey to societal expectations, effectively moving away from his true self toward more acceptable male images. With ever-narrowing lines of distinction being drawn between male and female, it is little wonder that men are conflicted about their essential roles and respon- sibilities. 
   One of the most important tasks we have as men is to become positive models for the next generation. Yet, in looking at the rates of divorce, imprisonment, abuse and lost hope, one can only conclude that most men simply do not place enough emphasis on leading a life worthy of emulation. It seems abundantly clear that many men lack the capacity to be a good example for others. WisdomGuides© has faith that this odious cycle can be reversed—one man at a time.
  There will never be enough good human beings in this world. We have long been involved in working with men of all ages in the marketplace, through business, non-profit organizations, religious institutions and academia. Purely stated, our goal is to help men become better men. We are committed to do our share in insuring that there will always be men of wisdom to guide our youth in the ways of becoming a genuine man.

On the grand stage of life, WisdomGuides©' impact ultimately hinges on revealing the answers to three essential questions:

  1. How are men unique from women?

  2. What is the masculine role we men are meant to play?
  2. How do we grow to the place where we can play that role in a truly meaningful way?