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     Mike has a checkered past. He comes from a broken home. His father was abusive, and Mike quickly learned to be a "tough guy."   He started running with the wrong crowd and became a habitual drug user. It wasn't long before Mike ended up in jail.

     Along the way, he met a man who changed his life. Bill is a recovering alcoholic, who rescues people from the evils of addiction. With Bill leading the way, Mike overcame his demons, found the love of his life and began to serve others in a big way.

     He has become a key member of a church ministry that helps hundreds of men and women deal with the pain of drug and alcohol abuse. He is the leader of a men's group that serves the community in small ways, like home repairs and shuttle services. Mike is passionately working on a plan to establish a mental health program that could help scores of people who desperately need a hand up.    

Do you see YOURSELF in either of these stories?

     'Carl' appears to have everything a guy could want. He's tall, good looking, and very athletic. He has a beautiful wife, three successful children, and a growing number of adorable grandchildren. Years ago, Carl sold his thriving business for several million dollars. Recently, he made a handsome profit on his luxury home on the east coast. If you guessed that Carl is living the good life, you guessed wrong!

     When he turned sixty, he announced to his family and friends, "I'm tired of doing things for everybody else, I'm going to start doing things for me!" Since then, he has withdrawn from those closest to him, and now engages mostly in things that he wants to do. In becoming self-serving, Carl has alienated his family and friends. 


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Falling Upward, A Spirituality of the Two Halves of Life    

​ by Richard Rohr

Published by: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 978-0-470-90775-7

     Bob Buford's groundbreaking book, ​Half Time, Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance, really got us thinking about the meaning of our lives. We were at that point along the trail where we were actively wondering what we were going to do once we hit fifty. "Mid-life crisis" would be an accurate description of what we were experiencing in the mid-1990's. As we moved out of the crisis phase, we began to be more intentional about what we saw as our vocation. Since then, we have made every effort to realize our gifts and talents, and use them in ways that benefit other people.

     In the development of WisdomGuides©, we have been richly influenced by kindred spirit Richard Rohr. In Falling Upward, A Spirituality of the Two Halves of Life, Rohr conjures up powerful images of the dramatic shift that can occur as we face the onset of middle age. In the stories at the top of the page, one gets a clear sense of the unhappiness that typically results from living selfishly, versus the joy that comes from servanthood; the disparity between a life of success and one of real significance. Carl is stuck in the first half, while Mike is living a life that matters. Mike is living life the way it was meant to be lived. We are convinced that the world needs more "Mikes."